About Us

“Olerni” LLC managed to become one of the most important companies in its sector in a short period of time with its expert staff, quality products and the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction. Our modern production facility with a closed area of 1860 m2 consists of assembly and steel construction-welding shops. According to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, our enterprise has obtained all the necessary permits, licenses, ISO certificate and is working to further improve its activities based on international standards. “Olerni” MMM opened its new plant on 21.10.2017, and at this event SOCAR’s Supply Department, “Azneft” BU, “Neftgazelmitikathikyatlaiyhe” Institute, “Neftgaztikinti” Trust, CSIT, “SOCAR-AQSH” The management staff of “Bahar Energy” LLC, “Bahar Energy” operating companies, and “Global Energy Azerbaijan” company participated. At this event, OFSHOR crane for offshore platforms, the first production of the plant, was successfully tested. The successful operation of the “Olerni” company carries out the installation, operation and repair of cranes in SOCAR’s oil and gas industry facilities based on the customer’s requirements. The performance of these works is based on compliance with the rules and norms of international and national standards on quality, occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection, constant improvement of the quality of the provided services, social responsibility and the public importance of the enterprise. The management of “Olerni” MMM determines the following important issues:

Our quality policy in accordance with the vision of our company;

All employees must fulfill the requirements of quality, occupational safety, health and environmental protection;

Always try to satisfy the real and growing needs of customers by preventing possible inconsistencies and claims at all stages of the provided service and production;

Conducting active work on the prevention of non-conformities, and at the same time, being ready for re-conducted work in order to eliminate the non-conformities that have arisen;

To provide the enterprise with the necessary documents in order to use the management system for the effective implementation of accepted tasks and works, as well as for the satisfaction of customer requirements. Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy In accordance with the vision of our company, in accordance with the ISO 45001:2018 standard; ∙Ensure the health and safety of employees, subcontractors, visitors and company employees working outside the workplace at the workplace and its annexes, take precautions, store tools and ensure the availability and use of Personal Protective Equipment when necessary. ∙Preventing risks that may cause industrial accidents and occupational diseases in workplaces, ensuring the health, safety and social welfare of all employees, visitors, subcontractors, and reducing material and moral losses that may arise against them in the future. and their families. ∙Educate our employees in the field of “Occupational Health and Safety” and ensure that they achieve a good occupational health and safety awareness. ∙Taking into account the development of the industrial world, being able to predict possible future situations, being open to continuous improvement and reviewing our situation,

In terms of Occupational Health and Safety practices, it takes all necessary measures for a sustainable environment by protecting nature and minimizing energy costs in order to use its resources efficiently, realizing our responsibility towards the environment,


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