Repair of all types of cranes and equipment

Turnkey repair of any type of portal cranes!

During the operation of cranes, individual parts, connections, mechanisms, as well as the entire crane, often fail. The most common problems encountered by organizations that operate cranes are: cracks in the main metal and welding joints, deformation of metal structures, failure of hydraulic equipment, boom equipment, electrical equipment, safety devices and devices, swivel joints. In order to eliminate the detected problems, complete and fundamental repair of the cranes is carried out.

Services offered:
Comprehensive Faucet Repair:
– Hydraulic system repair
– Electrical system troubleshooting and repair

Equipment Maintenance:
– Regular technical inspections
– Lubrication and fluid change
– Preventive checks to avoid potential problems

Emergency Repair:
– 24/7 emergency repair services
– Fast response to minimize processing time
– Repair on site for your convenience

Diagnostic Services:
– Advanced diagnostic tools for accurate problem identification
– Thorough inspection to pinpoint problems before they escalate

Individual solutions:
– Custom maintenance plans to meet your specific needs
– Cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality

Spare parts:
– Original spare parts for various models of cranes and equipment
– Quick purchase to speed up the repair process

Certified Technicians:
– Highly trained and certified technicians
– Continuous training to keep abreast of industry advances

Safety First:
– Adhere to strict security protocols
– Compliance with industry standards and regulations


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